Considering a Vasectomy Reversal? Read This First!

A vasectomy is a medical procedure done when a man wants to be sterilized. The vas deferens tubes are cut or blocked. This is supposed to carry sperm from the testicles to the urethra. This process will stop the sperm from leaving the body. And this means that when a man goes through sterilization, he can’t have children.

A vasectomy reversal or “vasovasostomy” is a surgery that reverses a vasectomy. It opens up the vas deferens that were cut or blocked. This will allow the sperm and semen to mix which will make a man fertile again.

Vasectomy Reversal: Choosing a Surgeon

It is very important that you only choose a reliable surgeon to have your vasectomy reversible done. When choosing a surgeon, he or she must be a urologist because they have years of residency training specifically in male reproductive anatomy and surgery. It is also best if the vasectomy reversal specialist you choose has microsurgical training to ensure a successful outcome. 

Understanding How Vasectomy Reversal Works

Vasectomy reversals reconnect the vas deferens to encourage sperm flow and regain fertility. If you are thinking of having a reversal procedure, you should understand how it works. First, know that it is done under general anesthesia and the surgery will last for 3 to 3 ½ hours. 

Most surgeries will allow you to go home the same day but you should rest for 24 hours. You should also avoid any sexual activity for up to two weeks. Any sutures will dissolve so there’s no more need to go back to your doctor.

There will be mild pain and swelling in a few days following the surgery. Your doctor will prescribe pain medication to relieve discomfort. Apply ice as directed to relieve pain and swelling. You may shower after 48 hours but baths should be avoided for at least two weeks. 

Vasectomy Reversal: Who Are the Best Candidates?

Just because you had a vasectomy does not mean that the reversal will be a 100% success. Most of the vasectomies can be reversed but each will have a different success rate. Those who got reversed earlier have the highest chance of success. 

Remember that the longer the duration, the higher the risk for secondary blockages. This will decrease the overall success rates. Once the vasectomy reversal is done, a proper evaluation of both the male and his partner should be done. This will factor out any problems that may cause fertilization issues. 


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